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Sims Forever! - A WebRing for all sites containing information and downloads for The Sims computer game by Maxis. Check us out! We have

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Sims Forever!

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A WebRing for all sites containing information and downloads for "The Sims" computer game by Maxis. Check us out! We have anything and everything you just might be interested in.


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   Fat SIMS Preview Go
The "Fat SIMS" page describes my trials and tribulations trying to understand how SIM skins and bodies work. I started the project because I felt that Maxim's "fat" body type was still rather scrawny and I wanted to create my own fat SIMs. The "Fat SIMS" page is now a fairly complete tutorial on how to change body size, create your own body classes, get all the anatomically correct stuff, and so on.
   Cellestial Sims Preview Go
A new site working on getting downloads on we do contests and would like new members to help get things going
   The Sims Comics Section! Preview Go
Adventure, love, passion, thrill, fun and more adds up to one thing... THE SIMS comics!! COME TAKE A LOOK!! :D

   Nimis' Sims Skins Preview Go
If you are looking for the strange and unusual look check this site out. From the Anubis to Insects, Romans and Deamons, it's all here. If I don't have it i might make it if you ask.
   sim cribs Preview Go
we offer houses objects skins all your sim needs
   WELCOME to The Sims Reality! Preview Go
Are your sims looking for a house? Look no farther! Here they can "buy" a ready-made house or custumize their "dream house."
   Lots of Sims Lots Preview Go
Well... Lots of Sims Lots. Houses, Downtown, Vacation, and Unleashed. An eclectic range including ancient, period and modern. Also houses from Movies and TV Shows. Now has Sims 2 lots.
   Cool Sim Sites Preview Go
There are alot of talented people creating skins and objects for "The Sims". This site is to help others find sites without having to search the net.
   Sim Source Preview Go
Download custom, unfurnished houses for the Sims. Also available here are tips, information, cheats and links.
   TrekkieSim Preview Go
Star Trek meets The Sims

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