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Skeptic Ring - The Skeptic Ring consists of sites that examine claims about paranormal phenomena and fringe science from a skeptical po

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Skeptic Ring

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The Skeptic Ring consists of sites that examine claims about paranormal phenomena and fringe science from a skeptical point of view. These sites believe that such claims should be examined rationally and objectively. Topics include UFOs, psychic powers, ghosts, crop circles, astrology, telepathy, repressed memories, creationism, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, hypnosis, homeopathy, Reiki, TFT, nonexistent chiropractic subluxations, dowsing, and conspiracy theories. It is not an atheism ring or an anti-religion ring, since some believers can, in other areas, be skeptics....;-)


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   The Saul Green Files Preview Go
A repository for information about, and articles by, Saul Green, PhD, scientist extraordinaire. Dr. Green is a highly regarded cancer researcher and a recognized expert in biochemistry, immunology, and nutrition, as well as a renowned debunker of pseudoscience and quackery.
   Diet Scam Watch Preview Go
Your Guide to Weight-Control Schemes and Ripoffs. Operated by Stephen Barrett, M.D.
   Tony Youens Skeptic Website Preview Go
A UK based skeptic site with a strong emphasis on cold reading, psychic trickery, mediums and deception.

   thechapinskeptic.info Preview Go
Skeptical blog in Guatemala
   The Baloney Detection Collection Preview Go
Michael Shermer, Robert Park, Carl Sagan and others have written books and articles about baloney detection, pseudoscience, pathological science and deception. What follows is a synthesis of a number of these sources, plus original thoughts.
   Rational Examination Association of Lincoln Land Preview Go
REALL is a non-profit organization dedicated to rationally examining claims about paranormal phenomena and fringe science topics. Based in Springfield, Illinois, we hold monthly meetings and produce a monthly newsletter, The REALL News.
   Quackwatch Preview Go
Your guide to health fraud, quackery, and intelligent consumer decisions. Individual questions answered by email.
   The Thermal Vent Preview Go
An occasional venting of frustration at religious/pseudo-scientific idiocy together with a rather less occasional metablog of news biological, astronomical, and a combination thereof.
   Internet Health Pilot Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Your Guide to Reliable Information. Operated by Stephen Barrett, MD and Robert S. Baratz, MD, DDS, PhD.
   Personal web space Preview Go
Multidimensional foci,one of which is skepticism.

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