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Official Web Slackers - Why give 110% when 70% will do? --that basically sums up the official web slackers web ring. Want more detail: it's a li

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Official Web Slackers

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Manager: system2
"Why give 110% when 70% will do?" --that basically sums up the official web slackers web ring. Want more detail: it's a list of people that are true slackers, meaning they don't update their pages enough... spend too much time with their computers.. don't understand "team" sports.. and are cool overall.

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   Cigarettes and Whiskey and Wild Wild Women Preview Go
Stuff I happen to enjoy
   My Page of Stuff Preview Go
Everything you never wanted to know about me. Ton's of links and...well, stuff. :)
   Thanks For Nothing Campaign Preview Go
A way to make me rich

   MOD Center Preview Go
See updated show dates for the MOD Center, Long Island!
   Recroom FunHaus for the Damned Preview Go
Just go check the shit out, sweet tits. ......^@
   Wasting State Time Preview Go
Some useful and not so useful information for California state employees, especially for those who waste state time.
   Wanderlust Preview Go
Wanderlust - Home of my photos, art, and incessant ramblings.
   School Cheater Preview Go
Sharing information and practical solutions for tedious tasks (how to cheat in high school).
   Josh's Ska Emporium Preview Go
This is a cool ass SKA site. I have ska interviews, reviews, ska chat rooms, history doc, and concert listings.
   The Scum Shopping Network Preview Go
A site parodying home shopping channels and other funny stuff in life. In addition to parody and satire, the site praises "the fat chick" and those who love chicks, since the site owners are, themselves, big, beautiful women. Almost everyone qualifies as a scumbag, by our definition. Laugh your butt off at topics such as "Scum Haiku", "Stuff To Think About", and, of course, our "Products" page.

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