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Slash Fan Fiction Ring - Member sites contain Slash Fan Fiction in a variety of fandoms. Adults only, please.    

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Slash Fan Fiction Ring

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Member sites contain Slash Fan Fiction in a variety of fandoms. Adults only, please.




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   SteelWolf Preview Go
Fics in multiple fandoms including HtLJ, Mag7, Sentinel, Firefly, RtED and a few others.
   the house of the setting sun Preview Go
Slash and Art, Harry potter and sentinel at present, but more to come soon
   Josan's Fanfiction Preview Go
Fanfiction in the following fandoms: The X-files and Harry Potter by Josan

   Kelli Rei's Fan Fiction Preview Go
My slash and non slash site has fiction from TV, Anime, Movies and some of my original works. I have Stargate SG-1, Phantom Menace, and Gundam Wing.
   SmutScape Preview Go
SmutScape is the archive for the SmutScape@topica.com mailing list. This archive is 99% slash, and features all possible pairings, both m/m and f/f.
   Rough Stones Preview Go
Slash (with occasional het and gen) fiction by Lapis Lazuli in several genres, including Phantom Menace, Babylon 5, and The X-Files.
   The Wicked Elf Preview Go
A SLASH fanfiction archive for Legolas and other elves. Haldir and his Lothlorien elves have their own sister site Haldir's Realm, which is linked from this page.
   Anne Higgins' Slash Fiction Preview Go
All fiction by Anne Higgins in various fandoms including, Star Wars, Star Trek, Batman, Once A Thief, Smallville, The Professionals and many more.
   General Hospital Slash Preview Go
Slash using 80's GH characters. Contains a small amount of het as well as some femslash. Some real people are mentioned but not in secual situations.
   Raietta's Nifty-Keen Site o' Stuff Preview Go
Let Rebop, Revenant, and Raietta regale you with all sorts of slash fic, from the romantic to the dark to the ludicrous. Features the X-Men and X-Files fandoms.

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