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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Links WebRing - Untitled document Dedicated to Buffy The Vampire Slayer web sites.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Links WebRing

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Dedicated to Buffy The Vampire Slayer web sites.


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   Doyle Cult of Resurrection Preview Go
This site is in honor of Doyle, the irish half demon who was killed off on Angel. Membership is open to all who long for his return.
   Pony Goddess's BtVS and Angel fanfic Preview Go
Growing page of BtVS and Angel fanfic, by Ponygoddess and other authors. Accepting quality submissions of BtVS, Angel and Highlander fic.
   Buffy's Soundgarten Preview Go
175 wavs (soundbytes) from the 1st three seasons of BTVS organized by character with dialog descriptions. Old site revived Aug2005 from when Acmecity dropped BTVS support.

   The S-M-Gellar Domain Preview Go
A site dedicated to Sarah Michelle Gellar. It contains hundreds of pictures, many sounds, a biography and much more !
   Written in Blood: A B/S Site Preview Go
Completely dedicated to a relationship between Buffy and Spike, Written in Blood features fanfic (G-NC17), quotes, links, image gallery, and a challenge. Updated almost daily.
   Eternal Dawn: Buffy/Angel Site Preview Go
The story and nothing but the story of the Vampire Slayer that defied the odds and survived. Her creature of the night boyfriend and thier undying love that carried him away to LA and all the good fights in between...This site grows as the series developes.
   Tara Keepers Preview Go
The home of the Official Tara Keeper Site.
   Lior Knight's Vampire Slayers (Hebrew) Preview Go
Hebrew Fanfiction About Two Vampire Slayers, A Boy & A Girl.
   Bridget's Miscs Preview Go
A quiant little personal site which somehow became a very definite home for Lindsey fan fiction, fan art, and links. Also find a few tid bits of Angel.
   Spike's Kitten Preview Go
My Spike shrine. Mainly fan fiction, some written by me, but also a ton of great stories I've found in various places by various awesome writers. A few pictures and art. Also a challenge section for any writers who like a good challenge!

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