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Solar Community - Untitled document A place to network and build a sustainable economony based on sunlight and cooperation.

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Solar Community

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Manager: solar4rent
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A place to network and build a sustainable economony based on sunlight and cooperation.


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   Solar Heating Projects Preview Go
Design and build solar collectors, solar greenhouses, heat storage vaults, modifided Trombe.
   Earth Bound Leonardo Preview Go
Leonardo DiCaprio's passion is not confined to beautiful women. He's had a ongoing love affair with our beautiful but fragile planet Earth since childhood, embracing and speaking out for environmental awareness whenever he could.
   Solar Politics for a Small Planet Preview Go
We live on a tiny Planet with limited resources. The GNP (Gross National Product) consumes those resources as BHN's (Basic Human Needs) and the the value of life is diminished.

   Alternative Solar Housing Preview Go
There are many alternatives to to our dependence on fossil fuels. Here are a few.
   Solar Age Preview Go
A "New Age" or "Age of Enlightenment" or "Information Age" or "Solar Age" is the next logical step in our social evolution.
   Accountability Preview Go
We need accountability in government. No person should be above the law. We need a government that respects human life and understands the value of energy independence. We need a government that encourages human potential rather than squash it with corruption and tyranny
   Time to Bale Preview Go
construction photos and more of an off-grid strawbale house in Nevada. . .with both passive and active solar heating, solar hot water and electricity. .and a wind generator to boot
   Tree Hugger Special Preview Go
This is about building a solar hot water system and many other do it yourself solar projects as well as a collection of renewable energy multimedia shows.
   Utopian Dream Preview Go
A story about the creation and growth of a community based on cooperation, sustainability and solar energy. You are invited to develop a character and add to the events of this story.
   Solar Battery Chargers Preview Go
Solar Battery Chargers for your Car, Auto, Motorcycle, 12 volt, 6 volt, and more, RV, Cell Phone and Boat Solar Battery Chargers, Solar Chargers for Small Batteries, AA-AAA, D, C.

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