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High Speed Trains - A ring dedicated to high speed trains, monorails, and railroads all over the world. JOIN TODAY!!!

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High Speed Trains

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A ring dedicated to high speed trains, monorails, and railroads all over the world. JOIN TODAY!!!

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   The 20th Century Limited plus more fast passenger Preview Go
Before the world of passenger trains collapsed in the 1950's, the New York Central was one of the nation's premier passenger railroads. Its 10,000 miles reached from Boston to St. Louis, but its heart was the four-track mainline from New York City to Buffalo. During the 1920's, 37 name trains traveled the "Water Level" mainline. This huge mass of trains was sometimes referred to as the "Great Steel Fleet".
   Amtrak's Secret Business Preview Go
Amtrak operates commuter trains for several local/regional transportation authorities, but they don't publicize this at all. Find out more about this profitable operation in a time when Amtrak looses all kinds of money. Plus get a great understanding of some local transportation systems.
   NY Central Railroad between Albany and New York Preview Go
Brewster to Grand Central. Tarrytown to Grand Central. Ride between Albany and New York on the New York Central Hudson Division with the author and learn some fascinating facts about this historic rail route. Bannerman Island. Even more about Grand Central Terminal.

   Railroads Around the United States Preview Go
Here are some of our favorite railroads from all over the United States. With a touch of Europe and Canada. Yes, we show our favorites: New York Central, New Haven, D&H, O&W, subways, train stations, trolleys, South Shore, EJ&E. But the fun doesn't stop there.
   The NorthEast Corridor Preview Go
Trips along the North East Corridor of AMTRAK are not always without problems. Find out how to play the "hidden city" game on AMTRAK and learn what other pitfalls may trap the travelers. One can't help but be amazed by the many rail lines in northern New Jersey. Most of these were CONRAIL, most of these are commute and most of these are ex Erie-Lackawanna.
   Union Pacific -- the railroad Preview Go
Union Pacific -- the railroad established by Congress and Abraham Lincoln to span the continent - has had some very tough growing pains recently. A 1996 merger with Southern Pacific to form the nation's largest railroad caused what regulators call an unprecedented breakdown in rail traffic through the heart of America that has lasted more than 10 months.
   High-Speed Rail in NY State and Along the NE Corridor Preview Go
Ridership on New York State's high-speed rail system will continue to rise even if no improvements are made. An attempt to match or better a bus trip from Delaware to Old Saybrook which appeared in the NY TIMES. Travel over Amtrak's Northeast Corridor between New Haven and Washington. Electrified railroads.
   John W. Barriger: Rail Historian and Railfan Preview Go
Short biography of an amazing man who ran several railroads, was both a rail historian and a railfan, and proposed many new ideas for railroads.
   Train Horns Preview Go
Train Horns, Steam Whistles Air Horns for Sale, Information, Kits and more, Locomotive Train Horns.
   Airport-on-Rails Preview Go
Proposes to build a big airport for Eastern Europe 36 km west of Warsaw, Poland, on top of two intersecting high-speed rail lines, in line with EU policy to promote rail as the most environment-friendly mode of transport.

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