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The Stone Circle - A Webring devoted to Stone Circles, Megaliths and other Prehistoric Sites around the world. Our sites feature hundreds o

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The Stone Circle

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A Webring devoted to Stone Circles, Megaliths and other Prehistoric Sites around the world. Our sites feature hundreds of images, travel guides, archaeology, archaeoastronomy, and new thinking on the subject. Sites hand-picked for quality but not censored for controversial ideas. Stonehenge, the Anasazi, Cahokia, Callanish, henge monuments.


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   Stonehenge Collectables Preview Go
Stonehenge Collectables of all kinds.
   *West Kennett Long Barrow Preview Go
Alternative view on ancient power places of the British Isles.
   Scientific Circles of Stone Preview Go
As an Archaeology undergraduate I had to design a website related to my course. This is the result - Scientific Circles of Stone. Appologies for the processualist approach.

   Le megalithisme en Irlande et en Bretagne Preview Go
Pictures taken at various megalithic sites in Ireland and Brittany. Text in French.
   The Stones and Stars Project Preview Go
This site summarizes research investigating the orientation of Portuguese dolmens in the Alentejo region and possible astronomical connections.
   Cyber Ranch Preview Go
This is the site of the Casual Archeologist. If you have an interest in Archeology, and you have watched the TV shows and want to know what these sites really look like, this is the site for you.
   Geniet: Reseach on Maes Howe, Orkney Preview Go
Around winter solstice the sun gets into 5000 year old building Maes Howe, Orkney, Scotland. BUT this is not the unique aspect of Maes Howe! 22 days before and after winter solstice the sun just peeps in for 2 minutes!!!
   Stonehenge Postcards Preview Go
Stonehengepostcards.co m is a private collection featuring hundreds of Stonehenge postcards both old and new.
   The megalithic.co.uk shop Preview Go
The exclusive online shop for Ancient Stones themed products. CD-ROMs, Books at up to 75% off, Art, Jewellery, Crafts, CDs & Videos Distributor of the new CD-ROM by Tom Bullock, Stone Circles - A Photographic Tour.
   Totem de Yar - Arte Rupestre Preview Go
Reproducciones Megaliticas a escala. Reproduccion de Pinturas rupestres.

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