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The Real Sixties - The fifties were a LONG decade; they lasted from about 1945 to the end of 1963.  Eras don't start where the calenda

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The Real Sixties

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Manager: genessa
The fifties were a LONG decade; they lasted from about 1945 to the end of 1963.  Eras don't start where the calendar says they should!  Therefore the REAL sixties started with the assassination of JFK and ended rather murkily some time in the early/mid-1970s, not with any particular event (although Watergate was watershed) but, well, with a bit of a whimper, ushered out to the boring bang of disco and the strengthening of the ME generation.  This ring presents, for your retroviewing pleasure, sites that deal, in one way or another, with the real sixties:  the politics, the music, the clothes, the conflict, the music, the fight for the civil rights of various groups, the war, the peace, the music, the generation gap, the cars, the music, the lifestyle, the hair -- lots of hair -- the movies, TV (in living color!), the music, and did we mention the music?  Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Radiosarahead.


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