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The *Original* SurvivalRing Webring - SurvivalRing is for those interested in learning more about planning, preparing, and executing plans of action in prepar

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The *Original* SurvivalRing Webring

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SurvivalRing is for those interested in learning more about planning, preparing, and executing plans of action in preparation for situations that affect life, limb, and liberty. Educating yourself on the threats that might affect you and your loved ones is the KEY to having a future to share with them. We study survivalism, self sufficiency, preparedness, and the past...to help prepare for the future. We focus on the GROUP, because as an individual with knowledge, we can help those who can't help themselves.


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   Economical Survival Info Preview Go
current events and survival information and links Blog to help share survival information with people. lots of free info
   Equipped To Survive Preview Go
Independent, unbiased reviews and evaluations of survival equipment and supplies, as well as information on survival techniques
   Emergency Preparedness for Individuals and Families Preview Go
How to prepare yourself or your family for various emergencies. List of resources including books, websites, and businesses that can help one make the best decision for his own situation. Individual and family preparedness is stressed.

   Thomas Keating's Survival Website Preview Go
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   JIM'S WORKSHOP! Preview Go
Survival and alt. energy information
   AAA Wilderness Survival Preview Go
Learn about starting a fire, building a shelter, finding food, or finding water.
   Vermont y2k Lanterns Preview Go
Vermont y2k Survival Lanterns. The most reliable and safe source of home lighting during the y2k Millennium. Don't leave your family standing in the dark
   LucianSTUFF Preview Go
Data center for disasters on the caribbean island of Saint Lucia.
   Nuclear Atomic Survival Preview Go
A website about surviving a nuclear war. This site contains information about the effects of nuclear blasts, radiation ,emp ,fallout shelter plans and much much more.
   Y2K Retreat Preview Go
I have located land in an excellent location for the needs we will have. The land has easy access, and area geographically that will not have extreme cold weather in the winter. There is a water well and access to a fresh water spring water source. A river and a few ponds for fishing are readily assessable, as well as a vast wooded area for hunting all kinds of game.

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