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Pets Ring - This ring is devoted to our animal companions, kept in our homes. If you keep a cat, a dog, a bird, a horse, a rat, a fi

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Pets Ring

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Manager: noriko
This ring is devoted to our animal companions, kept in our homes.
If you keep a cat, a dog, a bird, a horse, a rat, a fish, a lizard, a spider, or any other land or sea animal as a pet, then this ring is for you!



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   Mocha, my Beagle Preview Go
My beagles own webpage. She designed it herself!
   Laddie's World Preview Go
Want to know more about rough collies? Than check my place out! Laddie's World is an informational site with tons of helpful tips that can be used for any kind of dog. Includes sections on positive training, grooming, health concerns and tons more!
   About Time Acres Preview Go
Raising and Rescuing Miniature Horses & Italian Greyhounds. We raise Minis & Dogs that will become a part of your family and will return the love you give them 110%! Aside from our breeding program, we also run a Rescue operation for Horses, Miniatures, Italian Greyhounds (and just about any other hard-up animal that happens to wander by...) Please Visit Our Rescue Page

   Zachary the Blooming Butterfly. Preview Go
You're Invited! See my photo's on ear carriage, arrival, unique moments, play time and early weeks of struggle. I also have a fun food for thought page-including Papillon collectables and cute clothing!!
   Harvey the Shih Tzu Preview Go
Drop by to see an adorable shih tzu puppy! Have a PEACEful day.
   Eclectic Exotics Preview Go
Located in Middle Tennessee, we run a small breeding program. We breed for health, beauty, and temperament. Our animals live in our home, and are a part of our family. ALL of our animals are well socialized. We Handraise our animals, they are temperament tested, and placed in the home most appropriate for their well being.
   Cat Tails! The Griffiths Feline Family's Own Homepage Preview Go
Princess Squeeky has been building a website with stories about her friends and family. She has been collecting cat wisdom from throughout the ages, and web ring memberships as well.
   ANAMANIA Preview Go
ANAMANIA is a site for animal lovers all around the world. It has games, photo's, quizes, email, pals book reveiws, movie reveiws, competitions, pet of the month and more!!!
   My Gophers Preview Go
Learn more about my PET gophers, by coming and visiting our site. There's tons of info, pictures, and even a dancing gopher page. We also have awards that you can apply for too.
   Blue Moon Chinchillas Preview Go
We are a small hobby breeder of selectively bred pet chinchillas. We breed each female only once per year. We are located in Northern Ontario, Canada and are willing to ship within Ontario. Colours we may have avaialble at any given time are:Hetero ebony,Homo ebony,Standard,Pastel, Tan, Tan white,Chocolate,Homo Beige,Hetero Beige,Pink white(homo&hetero). Any of

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