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70's Sci-Fi Ring - This ring contains sites about authors, books, series, comics, movies and telvision shows from the 70s.

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70's Sci-Fi Ring

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This ring contains sites about authors, books, series, comics, movies and telvision shows from the 70s.

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   Frank Frazetta Preview Go
In 1970 Doubleday's Science Fiction Book Club embarked on an aggressive program of reprinting Edgar Rice Burroughs' interplanetary adventures. His paintings for A Princess of Mars, the first in the series, was so perfectly "Frazetta".
   Alias Smith & Jones Preview Go
This show ran for 3 seasons, Jan 1971 - Jan 1973. Condisering I wasn't even BORN till Dec 1972 don't even ask me how I remember this show, but I do. I remember not liking when Hayes was suddenly someone else. I remember that my Mom was in LOVE with Peter Duel's character and thought Ben Murphy was cute, too. I'm just kinda curious as to HOW I know this and actively remember this series. Weird.
   Kregen Fan Fiction Preview Go
A page where I put my own Kregen fan fiction. AS of now that consists of a "Comanche on Kregen!"

   Planetary romance, Fantasy and Science Fiction Preview Go
Fantasy and Science fiction stories by Tim Jones Written in the true Burroughs, Howard and Bulmer tradition,Planetary Romance, Sword & Sorcery, Science Fiction, Fantasy; ADVENTURE IS BACK! Visit the fictional but plausible worlds of Tim Jones.Vandah is a salute to the great tradition of the Grand Masters of Interplanetary Swordplay & Saga themselves.
   Roger Dean Preview Go
Roger Dean is an internationally recognised artist and designer, whose evocative and visionary images with associated graphics, logos, and lettering, created a new genre of work. Made popular through the medium of album covers and posters his work, including posters, cards, books and album covers etc., has sold in excess of sixty million copies world-wide.
   Kregen - under suns of Antares Preview Go
This site is dedicated to the work of Alan Burt Akers aka H. K. Bulmer and the Dray Prescot Saga
   Phil Foglio Preview Go
Phil Foglio started as a fan artist back in the early 1970s, for which he won two Fan Artist Hugos. Since then, he has worked as an illustrator for MAGIC, the Gathering, and is producing a monthly comic "What's New With Phil & Dixie" for Dragon magazine.
   Fantasy-tic Television Shows Preview Go
Kolchak: The Night Stalker is the story of Carl Kolchak, an investigative reporter in Chicago. Kolchak has a first-rate knack for seeking out the truth, no matter how unlikely it might be. More often than not, the truth proves to be positively bizarre: Vampires, Indian spirits, werewolves, vengeful Greek goddesses, robots, reptiles and even space aliens often turn out to be the culprits he uncovers.
   Moonshadow's Webrings Preview Go
Here is the site where my webrings "live". If you have an appropriate page (don't even have to have an entire site devoted) please join! Susan
   Battlestar Galactica 1978 Preview Go
I can remember watching this show buck naked just because I was overlong in the tub; I just didn't want to miss the ep!

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