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Great Klingon House - This Ring is open to all the Great Houses of the Klingon Empire. All Houses are encoraged to Join.

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Great Klingon House

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Manager: sajqa
This Ring is open to all the Great Houses of the Klingon Empire. All Houses are encoraged to Join.

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   Dennette's Worf Video Collection Preview Go
A checklist of Worf-related episodes from Star Trek: The Next Generation, with links to WWW pages for each episode.
   House KorVok Preview Go
Greetings from House Korvok (Central Texas Wargames Club) We now stand ready to inflect our just revenge on all who dare to oppose the will of the Empire! We Fight To Enrich The Spirt. (qa' aIje'meH maSuv):House Motto.
   House Tasighor Preview Go
House Tasighor (ta'SIghor tuq) is a Klingon family line in service to the Empire. Founded in the earliest days of Imperial interstellar expansion, the line serves the Empire in duties most suited to it's members talents; security, intelligence, interrogation, assassination, morale and education. The line's motto: choSuvchugh 'oy'lij Daghur neH, "Struggling only makes it hurt more."

   House Vam'Pyr Preview Go
The VamPyr's belong to a small religious and mysterious Klingon Family line called "The Family of Blood". The VamPyr's come from a small obscure Klingon colony world located on the opposite side of the Klingon Empire from Federation Space. After defeating an enemy in battle this family line has a ritual of drinking the blood of the vanquished in order to gain their life energy.
   House DevnoH Inc Preview Go
House DevnoH is a 501(c)10 Fraternity of Klingon Warriors. Members comprise those of many Klingon Klubs. Funds raised by the House go to fun events for the membership with all year-end proceeds being distributed to legitimate charities. We are Klingons, not Ferengi, we do not profit.

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