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Trails West - Trails West: devoted to promoting web sites that have content about trappers, freighting, pioneer, or emigrant trails of

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Trails West

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Trails West: devoted to promoting web sites that have content about trappers, freighting, pioneer, or emigrant trails of the westward movement. Also: sites that have content about that westward movement. Examples: methods of transportation: stage coaches, Conestoga wagons, prairie schooners, and steam engines; mountain men, pioneers, explorers, outlaws, life styles, women, diaries, forts and settlements, military actions, also modern sites and sights in or near western historical places.

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   Off the Beaten Path - Explore and learn in the outdoors Preview Go
Outdoor, travel and history site by two retired Boomers. It combines geocaching, letterboxing, munzees, orienteering and related activities with history, travelogues, tips and commentary. Our quests include historical sites, forts, battlefields, ghost towns, parks, urban exploration and back country wilderness. We seek out little known places to explore, photograph and write about. The more challenging or remote they are, the better we like it. We hope to promote lifelong learning and curiosity about our world, especially in young people. If you are looking for ideas to teach and motivate kids, get them active outside and have some fun together, this site offers a lot. There's no armchair traveling. We've been to every place on these pages. The content is ours. Most of it is Off the Beaten Path.
   St. Vrain's Fort Homepage Preview Go
A homepage for historic St. Vrain's Fort on the Platte River near present day Platteville, Colorado.
   Cecil Houk's Nineveh Ford Web Page Preview Go
My site contains genealogy data about Nineveh Ford who crossed the Oregon Trail in 1843. It also contains his narative about that crossing. And photographs!

   Visit to Register Cliff and the Guernsey trail ruts. Preview Go
This page of my website recounts my visit to Guernsey, Wyoming in September 2002. There are photographs of many sites in the area relating to the Oregon-California Trail, including the legendary Guernsey trail ruts and Register Cliff.
   The Overland Trail Preview Go
The Overland Trail was established in 1862 as a stage mail route through Colorado and Wyoming. Visit this site for lots of historical information and many links to other trails west sites.
   Cottonwood CA 'Old West' History Site Preview Go
Cottonwood's story is told from its Wintun Indian past, through the Spanish California period, right up to present times -- together with our cowboy history, Chinook Salmon and the Coleman fish hatchery, the coming of the railroad, and the hope and promise of the future.
   Mike's Frontier History Preview Go
Historical Re-enacting,Mountainme n, furtraders, American Indian, leathercrafts
   CROSSING THIS COUNTY 1843 vs 2000 Preview Go
This is a WE/THEY comparison of my cross country trip in a new car to that of my ancestors in wagons on the Oregon Trail. Pictures, cartoons, maps and links are included.
   Lincolns Homesteaders Preview Go
American Civil War settlers/reenactors/sutlers/pioneers
   History Of A Pioneer Family Preview Go
This is the story of the Courtney family's travels from Ohio to Minnesota, to Iowa, and finally to Oregon and Washington by wagon train in 1868. It was written by Florence Courtney Melton in 1923. She was the younger sister of my great grandmother Sarah Jane Courtney Houk.

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