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Twins - Double your fun and visit the Twins Webring! Pages relating to twins and higher-order multiples (triplets, etc) are incl

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Manager: tattooed_ogre
Double your fun and visit the Twins Webring! Pages relating to twins and higher-order multiples (triplets, etc) are included!


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   Bruce & Seth Hall Preview Go
There are Seth and Bruce Hall (Steven Underhill Twins)from Backstreet Boys. Enjoy the hottest guys on the web!
   Kaitlyn and Jeremy's Preemie Page Preview Go
Premature twins born at 27 weeks, both with hydrocephulas, PDA closures, Jeremy has mild cerebral palsy, hearing loss and Kaitlyn has a VP shunt.
   Kerstin and Lisa's Twin Baby Room... Preview Go
We are a Swedish/Lithuanian family with 6 daughters *YUP*. Twins Kerstin and Lisa are #5 and #6 for us. They are 9 months old. Explore their page and get to know them. Then meet their parents and sisters, too. Come and see!

   BDay Twins Preview Go
Hello and welcome to my brand new site. Please sign my guestbook so that I may add you to the birthdate data base.
   Abrmom's Homepage Preview Go
My personal page showing my daughters (including twins).
   Twins Preview Go
A proposed spelling reform which facilitates reading/writing English, and reassigns Teutonic spelling conventions that are more appropriate than the current orthography.
   Jersey Shore Twin Mothers Club Preview Go
   The Twins Homepage Preview Go
This is a site dedicated to the Twins Books, which was a series of children's books published in the early 1900's. As the title suggests, each book was about a set of Twins in a different area of the world or time period.
   Garland Area mother of Twins Club Preview Go
This site is dedicated to help parents of multiples of all ages through the exchange of ideas and support; to promote interest in and knowledge of multiple birth children to the general public; and to participate in available research.
   OlsenSchhhmolsen Preview Go
Tongue in cheek page featuring beautiful 6 y.o. twins Faith and Hope

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