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Creation vs. Evolution - This ring was founded as a creation vs evolution-related sites type webring.  Both views are still in this webring.

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Creation vs. Evolution

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Manager: bill3rd
This ring was founded as a creation vs evolution-related sites type webring.  Both views are still in this webring. 


When I took over this webring I thought it was a Creationism ring.  

Just so all know. When Darwin came up with the THEORY of Evolution; Darwin NEVER admitted it to be fact!

Darwin's theory is still unproven by true good science! So it takes faith to believe everything happened to fall together for evolution to be true. And yet; their are still "missing links" missing; thus making evolution still a "theory".

Intelligent design in a creation and universe with orderly laws of true science makes much more sense. So faith in Creationism even the Genesis account in the Bible makes more sense then faith in a flawed theory.


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