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Health Support Groups - Members of the Health Issues-Support Groups webring maintain support websites for various diseases, illnesses, or mental

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Health Support Groups

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Members of the Health Issues-Support Groups webring maintain support websites for various diseases, illnesses, or mental health issues. These include cancer, Crohn's Disease, Depression, Anxiety, various addictions, and many others. If you want an online support group for your condition, please surf this webring to see if it has a group suitable for you.


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   The Unexpected Angel Preview Go
Family friendly site devoted to helping those less fortunate. Includes a forum with craft ideas, recipes, items wanted and items to give away, and financial tips.
   Angels For Hope Preview Go
I joined Angels For Hope in January, 2005. Angels For Hope is a group of over five hundred members that crochet angels and send them to people that have been requested through the Angels For Hope website. Since 2005, I have sent over 500 items for AFH. The angels are available free of charge for people that are terminally ill, those that have lost a loved one, or someone that's just going through a rough time. You can also request butterflies and smiley faces.
   Canadian Syringomyelia Network Preview Go
We have built the following webpages in the hopes that they will answer some of your questions about the Canadian Syringomyelia Network (CSN), as well as Syringomyelia (SM) itself.

   GPS for the Heart Preview Go
Reflections about life and living
   Carers Coffee Pot - Community careworkers...sharing goo Preview Go
This blog aims to be used as somewhere for community support workers to be able to offload any fears, bad days, difficulties, emotions etc that they feel shouldn't be said because its not the thing to do! We are only human and unfortunately a carer in whatever capacity is expected to reach their limits and yet ,still keep on going. Sometimes that judgement is put upon ourselves ,by ourselves…and so it remains that at some point there comes a time when you just have to admit ’ today is a difficult day and this is why…’ Community support workers, care assistants, whatever your title may be, I hope you will feel comfortable enough to offload here. There are no judgements, just a place where you need not fear expressing what is going on for you. You never know, combined experiences may be able to offer help%2
   Holly Designs Preview Go
This is a website to help others learn html or to simply copy and paste designs.
   Intimacy Preview Go
Intimacy is a Transforming Life Place of Peace, Beauty, and Harmony. Articles on techniques for whole living and the importance of artistic expression in its many forms, the power of music, poetry, meditation, silence and circles. Travel journalog, various reviews, news and photography by Dr. Sophia Asaviour (aka) Ihoha who is a world-reknown teacher/speaker.
   Kindred Spirits Preview Go
Welcome to Kindred Spirits: Our website, our community, our place of support.
   The Chronic Care Community Preview Go
The Chronic Care Community was built to help support others dealing with many different chronic conditions. Through links, information, email, message board, and more we can help each other deal with whatever chronic conditions we are diagnosed with together. Find others that share the same or similar condition as you and offer your hand of friendship!

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