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United Pagan Alliance - Too long have we sat on the side, too long have we watched other belief systems thrive. Now we stand together, united to

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United Pagan Alliance

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Manager: sammirah
Too long have we sat on the side, too long have we watched other belief systems thrive. Now we stand together, united to show who we are and to say we are staying. The UPA ring is open to any and all Pagan and Pagan-related sites, be them ancient practices of Egyptian, Germanic, and Celtic magickal traditions, African Tribal Religions, Native American Spiritualists, Wiccans, Shamans, Satanists, Ceremonial Magickians, and many more. No matter what tradition you hail from, you are welcome here.

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This is the News and Bog site for the Cornwall School of Mystery & Magick
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Pagan Website & Marketplace where it doesn't matter from which tradition you hail, Atmosphere Books & Gifts will provide you with books, music, gifts, and ritual tools to help you along your journey of Mind, Body, & Spirit.
   Middle Eastern Polytheism in the Midwest Preview Go
Yes, there is such a thing, contary to popular opinion, though the point of view can be strikingly different from that of the more familiar Western forms of Paganism. A mailing list for networking and discussion, and a would-be safe place for those who've encountered antisemitism and anti-arab sentiment in the Neopagan subculture.

   Spirituality & Religion: All_Magick_As_One Group on Car Preview Go
All_Magick_As_One: This group is Open,to most all Faiths?Paths, interested in members who do POST. Please join,required by Care2 Platform to post.Platform does NOT supports posting from the net.Please POSTING Members ONLY,this group goes,as it's members wish it too,thank you. O.&Spirit of Asilin.A. All_Magick_As_One is a community of Care2.com.
   Living Poetry Garden Preview Go
A garden of thought, dedicated to redefining the human condition. i trust one*thing, Change is Inevitable. Change your life, change the world. - Magic*Happens.
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