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Artists of the New World - A Network of Art sites in Canada, Nunavut, the United States, Mexico, the Carribean, Cuba, Jamaica, Brazil, Argentina, C

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Artists of the New World

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Manager: lilithezine
A Network of Art sites in Canada, Nunavut, the United States, Mexico, the Carribean, Cuba, Jamaica, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Chile and all of North and South America. We are the artists of the New World: America. We are not limited by the boundaries of the United States and their dictator. This is all of North and South America and there are many Brazilian and Canadian artists (for example) who are more worthy of attention than some mid-western painter from the States who splatters paint at a canvas and becomes famous just because Clement Greenberg says so. By the way, modernism and abstraction are dead. Postmodernism is here to stay so get with the times people. Realism and content is the way to go. Nudes, sex, fantasy, gothic, landscapes, destruction, violence, creation, rebirth, technology, medicine, cyborgian theory, William Gibson, cyborg art, neuromancer, art & science, design, sexuality, homosexuality, sensuality, homosensuality, war, corruption, disease, a look at common life. - - - - - - Art history sites welcome. - - - -- - - - - - -The logo is "Salmacis in the Rain", courtesy of the Lilith Gallery.


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   The Earth Art History Archive Preview Go
The history of earth art and land art.
   Jenny Holzer Preview Go
Jenny Holzer - Art & Biography.
   Florence Wyle Preview Go
Florence Wyle - Sculptures & Biography.

   The Video Art History Archive Preview Go
The history of video art.
   The Paintings & Sculptures of Paul Gauguin Preview Go
An art history website about Paul Gauguin - Paintings of Jesus Christ, women of Brittany and Tahiti.
   Christina Stock's view of the USA and New Mexico Preview Go
Here you find a growing selection of contemporary and "fun" paintings from one of the last Abductees to Roswell, N.M. If you do not check it out now... you got to wait until they end up in the "Louvre"...
The ART of burning wood is very hard SAID MOUNIR specialist artist of burning wood using a rarity wood for burning, come to visit with more ART photo, great love songs and lovly web desgin.
   Lilith Adler at the Lilith Gallery Preview Go
Lilith Adler died in December 2000, but her artwork remains online as a permanent collection of her political, social and feminist artistic views. She remains a controversial artist for the history books.
   The Top Ten Great Canadian Artists: Bertram Brooker Preview Go
Scandalous! It was 1931 in Toronto the Good, and a painting by Bertram Brooker was removed from the annual OSA exhibition by officers of the Art Gallery of Toronto. Nudes. Bertram Brooker had sent off a painting of nudes for exhibit—two nudes in one painting. Toronto quivered, shuddered, took it down. Small surprise Brooker wrote the now famous essay "Nudes and Prudes"%
   E.J. Hughes - 1913-2007 Preview Go
Canadian Landscape Painter E.J. Hughes has died of cardiac arrest in a Duncan, B.C., hospital on January 5th, 2007. He was 93. His paintings of Nanaimo harbour, tugboats and the Comox Valley hang in galleries across Canada and fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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