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Heraldic Collegium - ...a cool ring with anything about valdemar, vanyel, or any of mercedes lackey's books....

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Heraldic Collegium

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Manager: moonshadow
...a cool ring with anything about valdemar, vanyel, or any of mercedes lackey's books....

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   Herald Aryn's Page Preview Go
Home to Herald Aryn, as well as Darkfire K'vaia/K't'more (your choice, one from the 'net, one from the fanfic.) And don't forget Gravin! Here, you can learn the languages of Velgarth, as well as other lessons, visit the links page, and more!
   The Lands of Velgarth Preview Go
This site is a complete guide to Mercedes Lackey's Velgarth World. While visiting, check out the Fun page and test your knowledge of her books, click on the Dollz section to create your own Velgarth character, or just sit back and surf through the various pages to learn all you can about Velgarth. Enjoy!
   The Wonderful World of Velgarth Preview Go
This is a page devoted to all aspects of Velgarth. I have links and, most importantly, book reviews! I intend to keep up to date and expand as much as possible.

   Windsong's Ekele Preview Go
It is the profile of my Valdemar character, a alitte about Mercedes Lackey and some of her books, and has a few links.
   Companion's Choice RPG Preview Go
Companion's Choice is an RPG set in Haven 75 years after the Owl series. Life at the Collegium continues as normal under the rule of Civen, great-granddaughter of Selenay (through her son Kris). After an assassination attempt that injured a Herald-Trainee, the Collegium is breathing uneasily. Could there be more? CC is an email RPG that uses Yahoogroups, and there's a link to it on the website.
   Kera's Keep Preview Go
Has links, including release form and Herald handout; list of books by Mercedes Lackey; quizlet; timeline of Valdemar; description of Valdemar; character sketches from Queen's Own; some funny lists, and a link to biography of Misty.
   Ravenfield's Ode to Mercedes Lackey Preview Go
This site featured info on all of Mercedes Lackey books but focus on the Valdemar series. I offer book reviews and summaries, music and lyrics, art, and general info on Heralds, Companions, and Valdemar's allies and enemies.
   The Author Realm - Mercedes Lackey Preview Go
Mercedes Lackey's picture, biography, book list, info, and links to other web sites... PLUS - the Author Realm has web pages on the best science fiction and fantasy authors of today. Browse around!
   Caligo's Aerie Preview Go
Gryphons, the best part of Velgarth! Also has dragons, poetry, drawings, and lots of other things.
   Alinea Songwind's Vale Preview Go
Mercedes Lackey, AD&D, anime(Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, and DragonBall Z), and soon (hopefully) Final Fantasy VII.

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