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Veterans - Not Forgotten - A Ring dedicated to the proposition that veterans of our military services should never be forgotten - we can't ever rep

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Veterans - Not Forgotten

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A Ring dedicated to the proposition that veterans of our military services should never be forgotten - we can't ever repay them for what they risked for our freedom.

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   National Malaya & Borneo Veterans Association UK Preview Go
Informaion on the Association, membership is open to those that served in H.M.Forces,St. Johns Ambulance Brigade, Merchant Navy, and the Civil Service in the above areas during the Second World War, the Dutch East Indies Insurrection (Java/Sumatra, September 1945 - November 1946), the Malayan Emergency, the Brunei Insurrection, the Borneo/Indonesian Confrontation and at any time since.
   In Honor of Boone County VETERANS Preview Go
My site is in Honor of Boone County West Virginia Veterans. Veterans of WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, and Gulf war. Soliders of today Just stop on in and visit a site for all veterans. Not just veterans day is a day to honor but everyday is a day to honor.
   Joseph Thompson MIA Preview Go
Joseph Thompson became MIA in 1943 when his plane, a B24, went down over Papua New Guinea. His remains have yet to be found, identified and brought Home. By writing our government officials we can inform them of the many MIA's that are still waiting to be found and brought home.

   a dedication page to my MIAs Preview Go
this site is dedicated to my two MIAs that I adopted through operation just cause and also to all MIAs and POWs who never returned home.
   American Legion Junior Auxiliary Unit 286 Homepage Preview Go
Here we have listed our activities and meeting dates. You'll get a chance to meet our officers, learn about their responsibilites and learn about what we do as Junior Auxiliary Members.
   USMC - PCS Colorado Springs Preview Go
This page is loaded with information about the Marine Corps. It was designed for Marines and their family members as well as for anyone who is considering becoming a Marine and their family members.
   Military Code of Honor Preview Go
As a combat wounded veteran, I offer to speak for fallen friends - In war, it is understood that you give your word of honor to do your duty -- that is -- stand and fight instead of running away and deserting your friends - When you keep your word despite desperately desiring to flee the screaming hell all around, you earn honor - Earning honor under fire changes who you are.
   John Crews - 12th A.D. Mystery Division - WWII Veteran Preview Go
One young soldier’s tour of duty and honor through the European Theater with the Hellcats under Patton and Allen, in words & photos, plus a powerful history of Nazi Germany’s rise to power in rare photographs from original documents John brought home. Battle map, Company reports, historic newsletters, and much more.

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