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Visions 3D - Rendered Reality - This ring has been created to establish a community of 3d Artists. It allows more and more people to enjoy the world of

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Visions 3D - Rendered Reality

 Subrings: Visions 3D - Bryce   Visions 3D - Terragen   Visions 3D - Vue d'Esprit   Visions 3D - Xenodream   Visions 3D - Fractals  
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Manager: wr__tj
This ring has been created to establish a community of 3d Artists. It allows more and more people to enjoy the world of 3D Computer Generated Art. Bryce, Poser, Photoshop,  Fantasy art and fractal artists and more.  Bryce, Vue d'Esprit, and Terragen are programs that allow the creation of landscapes, and Bryce and Vue allow the creation of towns, buildings, rooms, and the importation of Poser figures and models. Various fractal programs widely used include Ultrafractal, Xenodream, Apophysis, and many others. Other programs often used are Mojoworld, Carrara, POV-Ray, 3D Studio Max, Maya, X-Frog, and still others.


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   Humania Spirit :Virtual world, surealistic dreams Preview Go
Humania Spirit, electronic music, 3D images, drawings, fantasies worlds
   David's Art Preview Go
David's Art showing over 150 pictures, postcards, scenes, mountains, lakes, rivers, flowers, computer art, eye candy, photographs, fractal images, ScFi images, interiors, landscapes, oil paintings and leather carvings
   Beast-GFX Preview Go
Deutsche Bryce page

   My Bryce Collections Preview Go
Peaceful Landscapes to free your minds...
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Your resource for computer graphics. Images, animations, plugins, tutorials, textures, 3d models, news and much more.
   :: 3DWEBSITE :: Stereoscopy + Visualization :: Preview Go
3DWEBSITE is completely devoted to really three-dimensional (stereoscopic) images and animations ...
   My Bryce5 Gallery Preview Go
This is a new section on my larger web site, Free 4 All. Here I have graphics I have created using Bryce5, PaintShop Pro 7, and various plug ins and filters. i intend on putting up materials and objects for download soon so please keep checking back. I hope you enjoy the site!
   The Unknwon Galaxy Preview Go
Once there was darkness. Silence.No stars. No light. No life Then there was storm.Light. Stars. New born life. This is the Unknown Gallaxy
   Pixelmix Preview Go
Ich habe hier meine Lieblingsfotos und ein paar meiner Versuche mit Bryce, Fractal und Photoimpact (hier und hier) reingestellt . Mir ging es dabei nicht um die Herstellung gefeierter Kunstwerke, ich wollte vielmehr besondere Stimmungen ,neue Blickwinkel und interessante Details zeigen .
   .:Artwerker-Artwork & Designs by Robert L. Martin:. Preview Go
Digital photography and computer imagery of landscapes, nature, & architecture. Lake applets, & many other image effects applets.

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