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American Indians - AMERICAN INDIANS: Websites by and about American Indians and the Native American cultures. ::::::::::::::::::::jshv095:j

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American Indians

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Manager: jliilj
AMERICAN INDIANS: Websites by and about American Indians and the Native American cultures. ::::::::::::::::::::jshv095:jshwrtr:regular:60715

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   Home Page for this Webring Preview Go
Home Page for this Webring
   Two Horse Ranch Preview Go
This site will be about my family and I
   Dream Catcher Heritage Collection of the Seventh Fire Preview Go
Dream Catchers are much more than trinkets of a nearly forgotten people. They are wisdom teachers of the Seven Fires. They tell stories that whisper in sissagwad, the soft wind of spirit.

   KodaWolf's Domain Preview Go
Over 200 all-Native links, tribal pages, personal sites, actors, singers, musicians, AIM sites, Native Scholarship links, Native News links, much more!
   Star Spider Dancing Preview Go
Sun Bear Medicine Wheel Information: a page for each of the 35 (Creator is #1, makes 36) stones of the Sun Bear Medicine Wheel. Also, my understanding of Native American Spirituality.
   SHOSHONE-BANNOCK(Piaute) Preview Go
this web page is about native american beadwork and my heritage.my family is from the Fort Hall, Indian reservation and Nevada, we are Shoshone Bannock Tribal members but we are of paiute descent. My family was raised in the traditional manner with all the language, customs and traditions of the tribe. Our grandmother was known as a master in the art of hide tanning and beadwork specializing in intricate floral and geometric desi
   Elliott's Home Page of Native American Culture Preview Go
Elliott's Home Page of Native American Culture is a compendium of pictures, with links to resources, tribal web sites and personal web pages. Free Leonard Peltier.
   Braveheart Preview Go
Has Lots Of Intersting Things to see, Links to Native American sites,Veteran sites
   Mountains,Sky & Clouds Preview Go
Between Sky And Earth a dream was born. A vision in a sweat of a building at the foot of the mountains. THE BIG INDIAN NATIVE AMERICAN CULTURAL CENTER Soon to be nestled in the scenic Catskill Mountains of New York State. We cannot do this without your help and support!
   Worldwide Racial Displacement Preview Go
Discusses long term natural consequences resulting from racially displaced populations and what can be done to make freer, more viable human societies. Champions of interracial marriage will no doubt disagree with much of the content, but it's always good to examine different viewpoints to keep sharp intellectually. Links to a page with 10 short petitions for a better world.

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