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Mental Health - Mental health issues, even in today,are still treated by doctors, insurance companies and society in general as being le

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Mental Health

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Manager: genessa

Mental health issues, even in today,are still treated by doctors, insurance companies and society in general as being less important (and less treatable) than physical health. We tend to give up on the mentally ill (which term, by the way, does NOT necessarily mean "crazy". depression, for example, is also a mental illness).  Find in this ring sites offering information and support for those of us who are struggling with self-injury, depression, borderline personality disorder, anorexia, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses, as well as for those who want to maintain their mental health, and those who are involved with those whose mental health is in peril.  This ring's illustration is a self-portrait by Peruvian photographer Amparo Torres and its use here does not imply anything whatsoever about the artist's mental health (the ring manager just thinks it's a cool picture which somehow evokes the precariousness of human mental health).



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   genessa -- why antidepressants can't cure depression Preview Go
An essay by Gail M Feldman about why antidepressants alone cannot cure clinical depression.
   For People in Crisis - An Emergency Primer Preview Go
Not only for people in crisis but for anyone who is seriously wanting to turn their lives around! Philip Goddard, active promoter of self actualization and comprehensive means to clear oneself of troublesome influences, presents a well-tested strategy and collection of simple, down-to-earth methods to enable you to clear your issues and take full command of your situation and your life direction.
   My Little Brush with Psychiatry Preview Go
A penetrating account by Philip Goddard (nowadays a challenging promoter of self actualization) of his four brief incarcerations in a psychiatric unit, which gave him the opportunity to see for himself the state of psychiatric practice in the UK. He found both the serious problems about psychiatry, while also finding ways to make positive use of the 'mental health' services at times of crisis.

   My Big Fat Bipolar Disorder Preview Go
My Big Fat Bipolar Disorder is intended to be a memoir of my long-term, ongoing struggles with bipolar disorder. I am a woman with bipolar disorder and a Master's in psych. I hope that others impacted by bipolar will find this information useful.
   Secret Cutting: And the Pain Behind Self Injury Preview Go
Information on stopping self-injury, recovery and many tools to help in healing. Personal story, rants, poetry and writing, and info on various disorders, Self-Injury Bill of Rights, polls, a chat room and a message board.
   Hurting Inside Preview Go
my site about my struggle with SI. includes-poems, gallery, help, coping techniques, chat, club and much more. please visit :)
   The Darkest Days Preview Go
A site dedicated to helping self-injurers and informing others about the truths of SI.
   A Fractured Mind Preview Go
A dark site offering information on self injury and serial killers as well as dark poetry and lyrics.
   hope2bsurvivor Preview Go
A struggle and fight to stay alive.My personal experience of self harm,eating distress,depression and abuse.Includes links,quotes and my poetry.Hope to survive and keep on surviving.
   Living with Madness Preview Go
personal experiances with mani-depressive disorder and cutting...reads like fiction

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