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The Watcher of TheWay - The voice of the prophet sent from the Lord to make known to the modern Christian the essence of the Gospel message tha

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The Watcher of TheWay

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The voice of the prophet sent from the Lord to make known to the modern Christian the essence of the Gospel message that became lost when the teachings of The Way were placed in the hands of carnal men. Yeshua/Jesus did not come to promote belief in or worship of the Messiah/Christ, he came to teach the people TheWay to become Messiah/Christ, and to fulfill the vision of a kingdom of priests and a holy nation of anointed Messiah/Christ disciples in service of the Most High God that Yeshua taught was the Father of all of mankind. Many Jews could not walk the path of TheWay because they were carnal in their perception of the Law (Torah), and could not use the Key of Knowledge to open the inner door to the Kingdom. In like manner, the majority of the Roman and Greek followers who were too pagan to embrace the teachings of Yeshua/Jesus were not interested in a life of genuine change and spiritual transformation, so they made Jesus their God so they didn't have to pick up their own cross and follow in TheWay. Thus, the Church itself betrayed and crucified Messiah/Christ when it went the way of the unbeliever, worshipping the messenger instead of imitating the example that Yeshua/Jesus set. The good news is that once you understand and are willing to live in accordance with the original teachings of the New Covenant, you will know the Truth for yourself as you are permitted entrance into the Kingdom within you (Lk 17:20-21).


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The voice of the Prophet sent from the Lord to make known to the modern Christian the Essence of the Gospel Message that became Lost when the teachings of The Way was placed in the hands of carnal men. The Message speaks of The Way of Life and of the impending doom of those who turn away from The Way of Truth.
   Brother Of Yeshua - Jacob's Ladder Preview Go
2000 years ago I lived as Jacob, the brother of Yeshua. As predicted, Satan has ruled the hearts of men, the Jewish foundation was severed, and the church has become spiritually disenfranchised by manmade doctrines. Our Heavenly Father has heard your prayers, and I was sent back into life to teach you TheWay to become the Brother of Yeshua - "For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister".
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Promoting the Gospel, Teaching uncompromised truth, prophecy, deliverance, spiritual warfare, Hebraic teachings, edifying messages, evolution, reference materials, music, humor, poetry and more.

   Harvesting Souls For Jesus Church Preview Go
A place of rest from the storms of life
   The Orthodox Corruption of the Scriptures Preview Go
Was the Bible rewritten? Prof. Nestle writes: "Learned men, so called Correctores were, following the church meeting at Nicea 325 AD, selected by the church authorities to scrutinize the sacred texts and rewrite them in order to correct their meaning in accordance with the views which the church had just sanctioned." To ignore the facts is to alienate oneself from the Living Word of God.
   The Christian Judas and Unfaithful Spouse Preview Go
Jesus did not promote belief or worship of Christ - he taught TheWay to become Christ and fulfill the vision of a Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation. The Church itself became apostate when it betrayed and crucified Christ by worshipping the messenger instead of imitating the pattern and example that Jesus set as the required standard for all those who called upon the name of the Lord.
   The Children of Hell - Institutionalized Education Preview Go
The spiritual destruction, abortion, and detrimental effect of the public school environment which alienates children from their true self, and from the knowledge and access to the inner Kingdom of God that Jesus said we must enter through the next levels of soul and spiritual birth that is absolutely necessary in order to survive death and enter into the next stage of Life.
   AntiChrist - The god of the Democrats Preview Go
The Brother of Jesus warns: Satan works through the Democratic Party to turn the children away from God and bring them into servitude to the demonic forces of darkness. Those who vote Democratic have innocent blood on their hands, and are guility of the death of the children! An UnForgivable Sin. You can not believe or be saved by Jesus, and vote Democrat.
   Armageddon Lost Preview Go
Since the dawn of time the powerful biblical images of man's destiny have been continually misunderstood. That the most authentic visionaries have long warned us that the scriptures are not a history book -- but rather, spiritual events that come to pass in the life of the disciple, well confirms Yeshua's warning that few men are capable of understanding the true meaning of the Bible and the process of rebirth.
   The Gospel of the Nazirenes Preview Go
What did the Gospels look like before being edited and re-written by Rome? What were the original teachings of Yeshua? He taught vegetarianism, reincarnation, and the means to enter the Inner Kingdom. You will be astonished when you read a surviving text of The Gospel of the Nazirenes which was hidden away from the corrupters of the Roman Church. Are you ready for a truly enlightening experience?

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