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Do you need help with something related to your WebRing account? You can explore the many help pages listed below or ask a question in the forum.


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   How do I install the NavBar and correct errors? Preview Go
This page covers the following questions and issues: How do I install WebRing NavBar? - SSNB PASSes, but the wrong NavBar(s), NO NavBar, or the default NavBar shows. - SSNB PASSes, but does not "look right." - SSNB PASSes, but stack displays only one NavBar.
   How do I install the WebRing Affiliate badge? Preview Go
If you're having troubles figuring out how to install the WebRing Affiliate badge on your site, see this page for details..
   How do I edit my site information? Preview 1 review(s) — Go
There are several ways to go about editing information associated with your registered URLs. For more details, see this page.
   WebRing's Help Homepage Preview 3 review(s) — Go
The homepage of WebRing's Help system. Start with this page to find where best to find help.
   How do I delete my WebRing account? Preview Go
Please note that for security reasons, WebRing staff will not delete accounts. For those who wish to delete their WebRing account, see this page.
   Why couldn't I adopt a ring? Preview Go
This page details a couple reasons why you were unable to adopt a ring.
   How do I cancel a ring membership? Preview Go
It takes a few steps to successfully cancel your membership in specific rings. For step-by-step instructions, see this page.
   Why is a NavBar important? Preview Go
A NavBar is important if you want to have a site listed as an active member of any WebRing Community. You can also navigate a ring anytime you find a NavBar on a website. See the help page for more details.
   What can I do from the View Websites in URL Order page? Preview Go
From your View Websites in URL Order page, you can view all the URLs you have registered with WebRing. From this page, you can get the SSNB code for a ring and test the status of the code. You can also access the global settings for specific URLs, enabling you to change all at once your site title and description in all the rings it belongs to. For more details, see this page.

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