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Circle of Werecats - This webring is for all things were and feline! The wolves have long held the spotlight as the only 'true' weres but we

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Circle of Werecats

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Manager: enchanted
This webring is for all things were and feline! The wolves have long held the spotlight as the only 'true' weres but we cats know better. So if you are were and feline and you have a site, perhaps about yourself, werecats, feline artwork, feline conservation, observation, or stories. Even myths or superstitions relating specifically to felines, please apply!!

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   Panther's Den Preview Go
Non Fiction: This site is about me, as a lycanthrope, as well as wolves, panthers, dolphins, and golden eagle, because they are all in my dreams, and i could be any of them. I also have a little on werebeasts in general
   Eboness Preview Go
the art,ramblings, and renditons of Sheryn Brown the Ebony Tigress.
   silverpurr's den Preview Go
about the snow leopardess

   Calling All Cat Lovers Please Help Preview Go
A home is needed for 2 cats in the UK, this is their description, a plea for help, contact info and eventually photos.
   Realm of the Fae Kitty Preview Go
The Realm of the Fae Kitty, magic lurks in all corners, from fairies to fairy tales, original Fantasy artwork. Felines and the rainbow bridge. Come and explore.
   Errant Thoughts and Mislaid Dreams Preview Go
"Torn from the mind, made flesh on paper..." A journal written by a Balam character about her life.
   Orbit the Cat Preview Go
Orbit the Cat presents "Orbit's Lytel Herball" with sections on herbs, tea and cakes, oldwives lore, and cat care and safety. A lot of information and a lot of cattitude.
   Watermark Preview Go
A Poet's Notebook - Queen of Friday Cat Blogging
   DarkSilver's Den Preview Go
DarkSilver's home on the web, featuring a variety of furry galleries, information on commissions and prints, and much more! Legend of the Dracats section opening soon!
   Diana's Illustrations Preview Go
My site contains original art and characters, fan art , anime style art, and realistic portraits. My main character is a cat based on my 10 year old cat PooToo. Enjoy!

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