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WereCreatures WebRing - WereCreatures WebRing is a place to link together sites dealing with werecreatures of all kinds. Sites that will be cons

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WereCreatures WebRing

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Manager: darkness
WereCreatures WebRing is a place to link together sites dealing with werecreatures of all kinds. Sites that will be considered for the ring can include information about Therianthropy, Folklore of Weres, Media (books, film, etc. about werecreatures), Role Playing that includes weres, and also sites about lycanthropy or animal guides. If your website falls under any of these categories, feel free to join.

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   Taminy Ridge --- An Anitverse RPG Preview Go
Taminy Ridge is an Anitaverse-based RPG set deep in the Appalachian Mountains. It's cast base is made up entirely of created characters and we are fairly new on the Anitaverse scene. The RPG has some really hot writers and alot of potential for some great gaming. Come check out the website at the Site address and then check us out and join us for some great Anitaverse gaming fun!!!! Tazira; The GameMaster
   The Dark Secrets: The Full Moon Preview Go
Humans get ready....WE'RE REAL!!
   therianthrope group and jeade'en pack Preview Go
This is a place for therains of all phenos to come and converse whatever is on ones mind,this to be a place of serious discussion,I would like this to be a place where we therians can help and support one another in body and spirit.New members, please state pheno and reason for joining this group as well as how you found it. Also please be considerate of one another this is a place of peace. Thank you.

   13 to Life: A Werewolf's Tale Preview Go
An interactive site following my serial YA novel "13 to Life: A Werewolf's Tale" and including polls to let public opinion guide the characters and plot. Links to other interesting werewolf sites, werewolf content, and werewolves in myths and legends.
   Wolf's Lair Preview Go
Autobiographical account of my first few months discovering my inner wolf, including accounts of my fist mental shifts as they happened. intended to assist newer weres in understanding the self-discovery process by finding out what it was like for one were.
   The Lost Moon Pack Wolf Den Preview Go
This forum is for people who like/love wolves and/or werewolves.We are currently hiring people for the following positions:Beta, Gamma, Art staff and Tech support.It's just starting out so it doesn't have many members so please join if your interested.
This website is a fansite for Anita Blake and her creator, Laurell K Hamilton. There are lots of things on this site, from photo and art galleries to forums to even some surprises. In the photo gallery you will find pictures of a great portion of the characters from the books including the weres in the books. Come on over, check us out, and have a ball!!!
   MoonGoddessOfTheHunt - Occult Research Database Preview Go
Facts about Vampires, Werewolves, Wicca, Spells, Resources, Fiction, music, novels, movies, RPG, news stories, History, and notable dates...I can't even begin to name it all! You can find everything you want to know about Occult related issues and you can meet people interested in the Occult, ask and answer ?'s, promote your related site, or just learn about this exciting underground.
   Strange Phenomena Preview Go
True stories very far from daily life. Extraordinary, often frightening, phenomena observed by the author or credible friends. Ghosts, Elves, Faeries, Ogres, Trolls, Werewolves, Sasquatch, strange abilities, Salem Witch Trials, Reaper close at hand, dire ski adventures, Gothic horror, murder, diabolical justice, how to shrink heads, flying saucers, unexplained physics.
   Wolves In The NIght Preview Go
Two packs engage in a war to end all wars. Come choose your loyalty and fight beside your leader. Choose whether you win this fight...or die in pride for trying.

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