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The Wisdom Well - When the Lord was asked by a certain man when should his kingdom come, he said unto him `when two shall be one and the w

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The Wisdom Well

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"When the Lord was asked by a certain man when should his kingdom come, he said unto him `when two shall be one and the without as the within, and the male with the female, neither male nor female. God manifested all of creation in His threefold image. In the same way that God is One, comprising polarities of male/female in absolute harmony, man and woman are intended to function as husband and wife in the manner of a single unit, forming the Third Force of Creation that is the Enlightening and Revealing Creative Force of all that exists. The problem is that man possesses free will and can create his own destiny in his search for truth and his Source of Being. While many men and women endeavor to re-create their lives in the manner of their own personal or cultural philosophy, because they are attempting to function outside the Divine Pattern of Creation, they have unleashed the darkness of Pandora's Box. The Divine Powers of Creation and the Knowledge of the Mysteries of God can only be manifested by those who overcome their own divided nature and merge the polarities of male/female into a single unit that invokes the cosmic harmonic balance within and beyond their marriage.

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   The Fulfillment of Evolutionary Destiny Preview Go
A future for the entire world, free of economic upheaval, war, and pollution, with no unjust encroachment upon any living thing, Earth finally enjoying race and culture preservation, absolute individual liberty, prosperity, and peace among separate sovereign nations competing in a free world market.
   The Spiritual Rebirth vs Church Doctrine Preview Go
Jesus said you must be Born Again to enter the Kingdom. Nowhere in the Bible does it remotely suggest that present-day born again Christians have fulfilled this requirement. We are an Embryonic Image of our pre-existent soul, and we must experience the next stage of birth by merging the male/female forces of Creation within our own mind and being. We must walk in TheWay
   Brother Of Yeshua - Jacob's Ladder Preview Go
2000 years ago I lived as Jacob, the brother of Yeshua. As predicted, Satan has ruled the hearts of men, the Jewish foundation was severed, and the church has become spiritually disenfranchised by manmade doctrines. Our Heavenly Father has heard your prayers, and I was sent back into life to teach you TheWay to become the Brother of Yeshua - "For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister".

   Every Topic in the Universes Preview Go
Science, the unknown, and the human race... and how it might all be connected.
   wizanda - Oneness - True Faith Preview Go
Oneness Community online help in the real world with spiritual problems, music, web design and anything in life that people need help with freely given 24/7.
   Apostates To Life - The Wisdom Of Mother Teresa Preview Go
Will you enter into Life? The words of Mother Teresa express great wisdom, and many who believe they have fulfilled the requirements of Life, have thus failed because love to them is a word that they don't put into practice. Those who do not hold life to be sacred, will themselves loose what they do not hold in the highest esteeme.
   Amalgamation Of Transcendent Souls And Divine Marriage Preview Go
Marriage isn't a government certificate (licensed sex/cohabitation) or words said by a clergy. Marriage is a sacred union where two become One Flesh. While many who think their married are not, others may be. Marriage is built upon Spiritual Substance - founded upon Truth, Love, Absolute Fidelity, and the Light of the Most High God who Ordains the Union by virtue of its Purity and Oneness.
   The Divine Marriage Preview Go
The Spiritual Marriage between man and woman is the Divine Pattern of Creation and the teachings of The Way. Feminism, misogynistism, our liberal culture, as well as modern church doctrine, are all detriments to man's entrance into the Kingdom of God. The revelation of the alchemy of sex within the Tree of Life, and the Sacred Truths that everyone should know about marriage and life.

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