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WomenBloggers - THE webring for women who keep weblogs/journals (the next generation of the original blogs by women ring, which was foun

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THE webring for women who keep weblogs/journals (the "next generation" of the original "blogs by women" ring, which was founded in 2000).





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   WomenBloggers Preview Go
Homepage for the WomenBloggers ring
   So anyway... Preview Go
Ramblings of a somewhat amusing and occasionally thoughtful permanently expatriate American geek designer/artist living happily in Melbourne, Australia. Or something.
   Editing Circle Preview Go
Gymnasium For Wordsmiths. As a comment, post a practice excerpt or do an exercise suggested in the blog; get editing help usually from Jacqueline Lichtenberg. NO COPYWRITED MATERIAL ALLOWED.

   Well Soul Preview Go
a woman's exploration of spirituality and health
   I am Grateful... Preview 1 review(s) — Go
A resourceful blog, full of tips, and laughs, for moms, wives and women in general!
   Mountain Genealogists Preview Go
The Blog that explores the adventures and exploits of the Mountain Genealogist.
   Nail Art Preview Go
Do your Fingernails something fantastic, all your friends will want to know how you did it, cheap DIY, videos. all linked, plus some of my own.
   Waiting to Be--trawling life's deeps Preview Go
I'm single, resolutely feminist,and live in an Indian ashram. An outsider to any society, against all ritual, I write to explore collisions, encounters, in a world which, with all its contradictions, is still redolent of divine mystery.
   Creating Blogs! Preview Go
Creating Blogs, with Blogger.com, some advanced templates can be accessed, with a design forum of 12 catagories, having 4 to 12 background designs each, for a background in which your blog is transparent scrolling over the background. I have added links to my other blogs that you may want to look at, if just for the design ideas! Have fun! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!
   Sentience & Veridicality Preview Go
My blog, where I write about my life as a mommy and a wife :)

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