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Women Fanfiction Writers - A webring to draw together women writers of fanfiction.

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Women Fanfiction Writers

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Manager: theodora_maffat
A webring to draw together women writers of fanfiction.

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   CrazedWriter's Fanfiction Repository Preview Go
Growing collection of all my fanfiction to date. Disney's Hunchback (love that Frollo) & Dinosaur. Expanding to include Star Wars, Land Before Time, OZ, Harry Potter, Titanic, Gunsmoke, anything goes. Lots of crossover in the works. Very much outside the box. Think if Danielle Steel and Terry McMillan wrote fan fiction, it'd be just like this
   E-zine Companion In Zeor Preview Go
Fan fiction devoted to the Sime~Gen Universe created by Jacqueline Lichtenberg, now joined by Jean Lorrah. FanQ Award winning stories, professional level writing by fans presenting alternative views of Sime~Gen.
   Star Trek Fan Fiction Preview Go
Several famous Star Trek fan fiction universes are presented here for free reading: Kraith by Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Quartet Plus One by Claire Gabriel, Star Trek Showcase by Sharon Emily, and Remote Control by Jacqueline Lichtenberg.

   Just Because - my slash fics Preview Go
Diverse fandoms, RPS, and originals. Clearly separated.
   Welcome to Fiction Refuge! Preview Go
A place for fiction writers, by fiction writers. Find your refuge here. Any fiction (and fanfiction) is acceptable!
   Marietsy's Bookshelf Preview Go
I am in the process of writing two Harry Potter WIP and I have several other one-shot HP stories. Come and check it out.
   Missy & Co. Original Fics Preview Go
Pretty much Original Fics done by my friends and myself. You can submit a fic if ya want just contact me!
   The Hero in the 21st Century Preview Go
"Don't cry, Kagome," Inuyasha said. "I'll come find you in your realm." And then he died. But he found her anyway... Online fan-written Inuyasha graphic novel, plus fanfiction archive, fanart, humor, and more!
   Except Temptation... Preview Go
This is a slash fanfiction and original fiction site including the fandoms of BTVS, Angel, Smallville, and XFiles. Queer as Folk and other fandoms to follow.
   Dragonball Z Lives On: Home of Ali Mystic's Fanfics Preview Go
A web site devoted mainly to hosting my fic, Dragonball Z Lives On, centering around Piccolo and other DBZ characters, for any who care to read, and displaying my fanart for anyone who cares to see.

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