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The Post-9/11 Webring - Dedicated to the victims of WTC tragedy and the events that unfolded after. Show your support and join the webring. - -

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The Post-9/11 Webring

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Dedicated to the victims of WTC tragedy and the events that unfolded after. Show your support and join the webring. - - - - - This ring used to be called the WTC Memorial Quilt, but has since changed its name to simply WTC Memorial. Like a quilt, this webring is made up of many parts. Some people who support George Bush for example. And many more who hate him. Some smart people even blame his "shoot'em N loot'em" foreign policy for 9-11 in the first place. This webring doesn't care about Bush. All that matters is that remember those who died and we work towards preventing it from happening again. Many would say Bush's wars on Arabs are actually increasing the chances of terrorists targetting the United States. I say America must learn forgiveness. I say America must learn acceptance. I say America must learn to turn the other cheek. An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind. - - - - - LEST WE FORGET, OUR COUNTRY IS BURNING.

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   Democracy? Whats That???!!! Preview Go
We live in a democratically elected oligarchy. An oligarchy means we have a lot of people but the people who make the decisions come from a very small group of people in our society (which in the case of North America is "rich white men"). Thats right... we elect rich white men. Thats it. Sometimes we elect a female, or someone who isn't white... but usually (95% of the time) we elect a RICH WHITE MAN.
   hANOVER fIST Preview 1 review(s) — Go
I am going to destroy you bloody neoCONS! I think that about sums it up. If I am ever "suicided", please KNOW THAT I WAS MURDERED by the BCFCE (Bush/Clinton Family Crime Empire)! Other "sucides" include Deborah Jeane Palfrey, Danny Casolaro, John F. Kennedy, Jr., Dorothy Kilgallen, James Hatfield, Gary Webb, Don Wiley, James Forrestal, David Kelly, Paul Wellstone, J. Clifford Baxter, David Kellermann, Benazir Bhutto and Vincent Foster, to name a few.
   Casino Royale - James Bond 007 Preview Go
Movie Review Info on the Bond Franchise

   The New Manifest Destiny Preview Go
A scary essay about American colonialism written in 1985. A lot of it has now become reality.
   Censored Songs Since September 11th Preview Go
The following songs (everything from Frank Sinatra to Elvis Presley to Green Day) have been censored from radios since September 11th.
   The Top 100 Terrorist Targets in the United States Preview Go
George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, The First Lady, Mrs Cheney, Oil Pipelines, Banks, Financial Institutions, Gas Stations, Oil Companies, The White House, Air Force One, The Lincoln Memorial, Camp David, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Theme parks, Grand Central Station, shopping malls, Alan Greenspan... no one and no where is safe.
   American Catastrophes: Preview Go
The Death of Lilith Adler, The Collapse of the Guerrilla Girls, Military Fashion, Tony Bliar and the Hutton Inquiry, George W. Bush, the #1 Sniper Target in America, China Versus America, The Collapse of the American Economy, Nobel Peace Prize Winner to be assassinated by the Israeli Army, Israeli fighter pilots refuse to follow orders, & the United States Budget Deficit at All Time High.
   Bill Clinton's Manifest Destiny Preview Go
Looking back at Bill Clinton's bombing of Iraq. How is he any different from the current president?
   Saddam's Death Sentence Preview Go
Info and news feeds concerning Saddam Hussein's death sentence.
   Harper shakes hands with Terrorist Warlord Preview Go
Photos of Stephen Harper (Canada's Prime Minister) shaking hands with terrorist warlord Mullah Naqib in Afghanistan during a state visit. The warlord and his men were behind a suicide blast that injured three Canadian soldiers and killed Canadian diplomat Glyn Berry, the 59-year-old political director of the local reconstruction team.

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