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The Miniature's Forum - The Miniature's Forum is a ring for anyone interested in miniature painting services, wargame figures, classifieds, mess

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The Miniature's Forum

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The Miniature's Forum is a ring for anyone interested in miniature painting services, wargame figures, classifieds, message boards, and painting services directory & miniature suppliers directory. Anything you need to find out?

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   Fire and Fury Games Preview Go
A support page for the wargames rules Fire and Fury, Regimental Fire and Fury, and Battlefront WWII
   Prague Historical Wargaming Group Preview Go
We are a small group of historical war gamers living in,and around,Prague in the Czech Republic.Every one is welcome.We are mostly interested in playing historical games with figures,although we also play board games as well.We play all periods from Ancients through to World War Two.We have a selection of rules and figures from different periods and you are welcome to come along and use these.
   SC Hobbies Preview Go
Painting service that offers fast competent painting, discounts on same figure type. Will paint Fantasy, Sci - Fi, Historical. Will paint trial figure for free ( you pay shipping).

   Imperial Army Preview 1 review(s) — Go
I offer to paint 25mm, 15mm and other scales from any period to a good quality for very low price $1.00 for 15mm and $3.00 for 25mm. Other painting services would charge you double my price.
   Quarks Eldar Web Page Preview Go
Eldar pictures, rules, forums and all your pointy eared needs!
   The Oephirius Library-System Preview Go
A Spanish web, con muchas trasformaciones descritas paso a paso, trasfondo, Y todos los Codexs aparecidos en la WD UK traducidos al castellano
This is my little corner of cyberspace dedicated to a lifelong passion, MINIATURES. I have been painting and collecting for over 13 years. To support my habit I am now putting a few painted miniatures on E-Bay whenever I can. In response to so many people asking I am now also doing comission work. You will find a gallery of my painting inside.
   Commorragh! - Home to the sinister Dark Eldar Preview Go
Dark Eldar Strategies, Photos, Wych Cult, Kabal and Haemonculus Army Lists, Messageboard, lots of Dark Eldar and Warhammer 40k Links and more ! ! !

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