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Yaoi Shrines - This is for anyone who has a shrine to a specific yaoi or even yuri pairing. It can be from anime / manga / book or game

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Yaoi Shrines

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This is for anyone who has a shrine to a specific yaoi or even yuri pairing. It can be from anime / manga / book or game. It must have some type of content and more than just a page or two.

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   Scathed Light Preview Go
A 1x2 (Heero x Duo) Fanfiction Archive site and Forum
   Hiei & Kurama's Yaoi Fanfic Archive Preview 1 review(s) — Go
A site with plenty of yaoi fanfics starring those naughty bishies from YYH, Hiei and Kurama, but we can't forget Youko Kurama. So stop by and enjoy some lemon.
   Sakib Era Preview Go
A place for beautiful and sexy art and fanart featuring Saint Seiya's Aquarius Camus and Digimon's Beelzemon, and way more!

   Pixelgoddess' Closet Preview Go
A complete collection of Pixelgoddess' Dragonball Z yaoi fanfiction and the artwork it has inspired. Focus is mainly on DBZ's Goku and Vegeta, but there are other pairings. Complete doujinshi scans as well.
   SDFA Preview Go
Slam Dunk Archive... contains yaoi fics anf fanarts. ^^;;
   Not Quite Paradise Preview Go
A site featuring scans from yaoi and shonen ai doujinshi, mostly Trigun.
   bishounenai Preview Go
original yaoi / shounen ai online manga SHOWBOYS; image shrine to seiyuu akira ishida (pics of all his characters); image shrine to boys love game apocripha/0; image gallery of winged bishounen in anime.
   The Anime Basement Preview Go
The Anime Basement! wheee!! i have an ftp server now, and im in the rpocess of uploading all my files adn relinking and such but yeah! ill be done soon!
   Psychohippy Realm Preview Go
Yaoi, shounen ai, and a little yuri in between. The anime jack-of-all-trades site! Anime reviews, fanfiction, fanart, and more. Drop in. ^_^
   Munky's Cage of Yaoiness Preview Go
A yaoi fanfiction site with shrines and fanart to boot! Main fandoms include Harry Potter, Gundam Wing, Digimon, and Star Ocean:2nd story. Works range from G-NC-17, so please use your best judgement when viewing this site.

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