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Member: adoptable, last active: 655.98 day(s) ago. Email status: verified Has unread wrmail: , wrmail last read: 20110930, wrmail last received: 20190613 Contact adoptable View adoptable's system profile page

If you are trying to adopt this WebRing, return to the HUB page and click "Adopt This Ring". This is not the link for applying to adopt the Ring.

DO NOT use the "Contact Ring Manager" link to ask to adopt this Ring. The only way to adopt the Ring is to click "Adopt This Ring".

If you receive a message that you are ineligible to adopt this Ring, that is the answer. DO NOT contact WebRing Support to ask to adopt it as they will only tell you the same thing...you are not eligible to adopt this Ring. Some adoptions are private and only available to selected members.
If you are the former Ring Manager of this Ring and did not voluntarily place it for adoption, please do not contact WebRing Support for assistance. WebRing Support may neither reverse a completed adoption nor restore the privileges of a previous Ring Manager.

You certainly are entitled to an explanation of the events leading up to the adoption. To get this information, just follow the following simple steps:

  1. Log into the User ID which formerly managed the Ring
  2. Go to the hub page of the Ring you formerly managed and copy it
  3. Proceed to the Support Form, taking care to select "MY Rings has been taken away. Why?" as your Topic/Issue and starting a Support Request.
  4. Explain your Issue and paste the URL/Address of the ring into the box provided.
Your post will be answered within a day or two. It's important to note that the this exists solely to explain why a Ring was adoptable. No demands or requests to restore a Ring to your ID will be acknowledged.
More information about WebRing Adoptions can be found at the "Ring Adoption Agency" in the Ring Managers section of http://wrug.cjb.net

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