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Africa's Ancient Egyptian Lotus Ring - Welcome to Africa's Ancient Egyptian Lotus Ring. Here is where you can explore information about Africa's ancient past.

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Africa's Ancient Egyptian Lotus Ring

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Manager: cushkamite
Welcome to Africa's Ancient Egyptian Lotus Ring. Here is where you can explore information about Africa's ancient past. This webring is now a nonconformist history webring.  Here we will respect the ancient indigenous people and not lie about them. In image or in words. So help us deliver the truth to the people. We deal with evidence when it come to history, not thoughts. The idea of Atlantis will not be accepted without real evidence.


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Egypt during the reign of Akhenaton
Egypt during the Amarna age - a reference site with information and photographs
Priestess Het Heru
Site focus: tapping into the GODDESS within and HER ancient wisdom. Highlights spirituality issues pertaining to divine sexuality, sensuality, creativity, joy, wealth, health, healing, prosperity and abundance. Provides the "wisdom tools" needed to release blockages that stop us from experiencing our natural birthright.
AfriGoddess is Konte of Senegal, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Dogon, of Mali. She is Yemaya and Osun of the Yoruba of Nigeria. She is Dansuya of the Akan of Ghana. She is Auset, Het-Heru, and Bast of the Khemetan Medu Neter. She is Voodoun, Lukumi, Cadomble, Macumba, Beah, Santeria and every Afrikan-centered spiritual cultural energy both thought of and incomprehensible.
Sekhmet's Portal and Webring
The home page and spiritual journey of a modern priestess of Sekhmet, including Amazon book recommendations and information about Reiki, Wicca, Egypt, Sekhmet, Bast, Heru and many other traditions and Gods. Also the home of the Sekhmet Webring.
A Journal of a Poet - The Goddess as my Muse
A growing art form conceived in love and dedicated to the Goddess in all her many forms. Site includes original poetry and prose and showcases outstanding mythic and goddess artists

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Africa's Ancient Egyptian Lotus Ring

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Africa's Ancient Egyptian Lotus Ring

Africa's Ancient Egyptian
Lotus Ring
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