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All Things COBOL - All things COBOL. Any site having anything to do with the COBOL language is welcome. This includes personal and commerci

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All Things COBOL

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All things COBOL. Any site having anything to do with the COBOL language is welcome. This includes personal and commercial sites. Recruiting firms, and resumes are not permitted.

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Ask Felgall for Computer Help
We provide free computer tech support. Here you will find HOW-TO pages that answer many frequently asked questions about computers, pages on how to customize parts of the system to work the way that you want, as well as some reference material. Just about all the computer help you need is (or soon will be) found listed within one or more of our computer help topics.
COBOL: From Micro to Mainframe
This Web site was developed in support of COBOL: From Micro to Mainframe by Grauer, Buss, and Villar. It provides data disks, PowerPoint lectures, and an online study guide
PROGEN a generator not only for COBOL
PROGEN is a source code generator which can be used, not only to generate COBOL source but to generate any kind of source. The reason why I will show it here is, because it is written in (OO-)COBOL and because he is optimized for COBOL (can parse COBOL data structure).
Cevela MX COBOL Free Compiler
This is a simple, free COBOL compiler for small tasks and personal training of basic programming skills in COBOL language. Implemented are COBOL 74 with some parts of the COBOL 85 and 2002. It's output is source in C with code generation using historical free Borland TC.
Using PowerCOBOL
A forum designed to meet the information needs of PowerCOBOL users. Relies heavily on your suggestions and input.

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All Things COBOL

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