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Andrews Family Genealogy - The Andrews Family Genealogy Web Ring is a selection of family, personal and other websites that are related to the Andr

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Andrews Family Genealogy

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The Andrews Family Genealogy Web Ring is a selection of family, personal and other websites that are related to the Andrews surname Genealogy. Our goal is to "link" as many quality websites as possible to build an enthusiastic genealogy website community.




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Ross D. Andrews Family Genealogy
This site is a record of starting with my daughter and delving 14 generations into history. My maternal grandfather's family came with the Pilgrims and spread through Massachusetts and New Hampshire as did my wife's family with many going to Maine.
Dedicated to the 1630 immigrant William Chesebrough, 1st settler of European descent in what is now Stonington, CT (1649). Includes 90,000 plus individuals of direct or collateral lines of early New England settlers, Mayflower families, Revolutionary War Patriots, Magna Charta descendants and links through the Royal Families to Adam & Eve.
The Andrews Family
Unlike most family histories, this Andrews lineage comes to an abrupt end in 1740 with the birth of Jonathan Andrews - and before that date, nothing!!! One story that has been handed down through the Andrews family in England to the present day was that a Andrew McGregor came from Rannock Moor, just south east of Glencoe in the highlands of Scotland. He was accused of sheep stealing and was pursued by irate farmers into the south of England, possibly on horseback where he managed to evade his pursuers, finally disappearing some where near Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire.
Thomas Andrews - Shipbuilder
For six generations the Andrews family has been prominent in the life of Comber: that historic and prospering village, near Strangford Lough, on the road from Belfast to Downpatrick: and in almost every generation some one or other of the family has attained distinction.
Andrews history
The Andrews Family of Hertford, Hertfordshire, England

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Andrews Family Genealogy

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