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Animal Protection WebRing - This is a ring of sites dedicated to the protection of animals against everything from abuse, neglect or homel

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Animal Protection WebRing

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Manager: genessa

This is a ring of sites dedicated to the protection of animals against everything from abuse, neglect or homelessness to vivisection or other torture to hunting or hastened extinction.  Some decry the wrongs; others are proactive about the good. Some sites are managed by vegetarians who eschew eating our animal friends; others are by omnivores who devote themselves to animal rescue.  Others simply have personal stories to tell.


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genessa -- treating animals like animals!
Gail M Feldman's essay about humans' disrespect for other species, including the truth about animal experimentation.
Prairie Babes
My site is about my prairie dogs Precious & Peanut. My site contains informative links about pd's as pets and in the wild, pictures, animal welfare, interactive animal issues, free daily click donations to help save wildlife & other animal related organizations, and much more, YAHOO!
Animal adventure tale of hope, loss, and courage
What makes a family, family? An insecure pup struggles with his memories while forging an unlikely bond with a pack of misfit critters on a mission to find a home. At times a gritty portrayal of the perils that face abandoned pets, this thought provoking story explores the powerful connection we share with domesticated animals and the role we play in their lives. - Also known as why trapperman is cruel?
Showing the truth behind trappers, such as they kill for profit, kill for sport, spread lies and cruel methods how they dispatch animals etc..
The Story of Benji
Benji was 3 months old when I found him abandoned and abused. He is now 9 years old, a Therapy Dog for retirement homes, very healthy, lively, and happy. His story shows how you can find a stray animal on the street, with love and understanding, become a happy and well mannered citizen of the community.

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Animal Protection WebRing

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