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Christian Reunion - A circle of Christians working for oneness on the World Wide Web. Christian unity is the prayer of Jesus and the work of

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Christian Reunion

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A circle of Christians working for oneness on the World Wide Web. Christian unity is the prayer of Jesus and the work of His church, which is the Body of Christ. The Christian Reunion WebRing serves to join Christians together in this great work to heal the schisms in the church. This is a way to allow Jesus Christ to work in and through us to bring separated Christians to reunion. Sponsored by Christian Reunion Ministries.

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Christ Centered Ecumenical Rosary
A short, meditative prayer based on the life of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door
James S Huggins is an eclectic professional speaker, author & technologist; His personal site is the Refrigerator Door; While you will not find much overt evangelism, his site does reflect the universal spirit of Christianity; The site also features the information, stories and humor that interest him; And it hosts one of the net's most extensive information resources on webrings and webring systems.
Harvest NETwork - Unity and Nonsectarianism
Most claim, or at least believe, they are dividing over 'truth'. Truth IS vital, and even Jesus gaurantees that foremost loyalty to Him WILL divide-- even members of our own household (Matt. 10:34-38)! We are also promised that the Truth will cause internal conflict and distress
Christian Reunion Ministries
Christians working for oneness. Christian unity is the prayer of Jesus Christ in John 17 and it is also the work of this ministry.
Jimmy MacDonald's Website
✞Short personal/family profiles: photos, slideshows, videos, guestbooks, photo guestbook. Scotland's Ethnic People: The travelling people, language, gaelic, beurla reagaird. Spirituality: faith, place of worship, Elim Paisley.✞

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Christian Reunion

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