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Cool Homepages - Welcome to Cool Homepages! This ring is just for pages that are really cool. A page doesn't have to have anything specia

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Cool Homepages

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Welcome to Cool Homepages!

This ring is just for pages that are really cool.

A page doesn't have to have anything special;
just be really, really, cool!


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Abandoned Railroads Around the United States
Like old railroads? Here are some of the abandoned railroads in the United States: New York, Adirondacks, New England, and the Mid West. Lots of great history about these old former railroads.
The Lehigh Valley Railroad ... it is no more!
Running through New York State, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey; the Lehigh Valley Railroad served New York City by carfloat. Chartered in 1853, the Lehigh Valley opened from Easton, PA to Mouch Chunk (since renamed Jim Thorpe) by 1855. It had begun, in 1846, as the Delaware, Lehigh, Schuylkill, and Susquehanna Railroad. Nothing was done until 1851, when financing was secured from Asa Packer. The idea had been to break a canal monopoly on anthracite held by the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company
Collection of Short Stories about Railroads
A collection of articles about Railroad history including Little Falls and Dolgeville RR, NY Central Snow Book, mail and express on the New York Central, Detroit Terminal Railway, Amsterdam, Chuctanunda, and Northern Railroad.
Railroads and Snow: Especially the Adirondacks
Snow jets, rotary plows, and ice breakers. Dewitt Yard snow stories. Snow belt in New York State. Clearing snow on the Long Island RR. See some historic photographs of the railroads in snow. Rotary plows in snow! Great stories of railroad action in winter!
Art et Culture
Links to everything about art and culture (French Riviera, Montréal, Laurentides, Québec). Links to important persons (Albert Camus, Jean-Paul Sartre, Herman Melville, Ernest Hemingway). Links to important places. Links to important ticket services.

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