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Forums - A ring for websites with forums, for any subject whatsoever!

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A ring for websites with forums, for any subject whatsoever!

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Reticulation - Dr. Mark A. Foster's Social Network
This page connects to the various message boards I operate on CompuServe (and elsewhere), the WebRings I operate (with customized navbars), my chat room on PalTalk, and paging information.
An online community dedicated to superheroes, comic books, role playing games, science fiction, paranormal topics and general discussions. Community members also write superhero and science fiction-themed fan-fiction, short stories, poetry and share thoughts and critiques, fan-art and any creative concepts.
Fiction Writing and Fictional Realism
Somewhere to post your non-adult fiction, as long as it its not fan fiction, science fiction or fantasy, it is set in a world reasonably close to being the one we live in, and it is written for grown ups. What we are looking for is fictional realism, not magical realism - not that there is anything wrong with the latter, but it just not what these groups are about.
An Unofficial, Unsanctioned Webring Users Forum
Drop in and talk about Webring. Civilly. And maybe get some answers to some of your questions, or help other users with theirs?
Poke' Cheats
My Board has Many cheats from all the red,blue,gold,silver,ruby,saphire GBA games. I also have a section for trading your pokemon cards & Video Games. JOIN TODAY!

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