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Off Circuit Art - This ring is for emerging artists all over the world that belong or not to official circuits of art. Destinated for thos

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Off Circuit Art

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This ring is for emerging artists all over the world that belong or not to official circuits of art. Destinated for those who perform fine art. Most sites here feature a little more than just your traditional landscape art but less than punk visual. A few themes include themes historical prints, fine portraiture, surreal landscapes and digital psychedelia or "urban." Non linear. Evolving artists. Visionary. Art in divergent paths.


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Graham Heard Expressionistic Portraits
"Graeme Heard paints the famous of this world in strong and striking colours which slash and dance across the canvas with such force they confuse the traditionalists." Peter Russell-Clarke Herald Sun
Middle America After Dark
Upbeat contemporary fine art and Rubenesque nudes in Matisse-like slice-of-life scenes. Painterjayne journals her life through funny fine art, landscapes, nudes, and animal portraits. She is classically trained and has been exhibiting for more than 35 years.
Tectonic and Excellence Colors Laboratory
Michel Galligani online exhibition of non-figurative acrylic paintings. A truly virtual paella like exhibit: a self-contradictory, off balance, dissonant, frenetic, evanescent, overheated, clockless, reckless, squelchy, technically na´ve, far too vague, derivative of everything, post cool, post root, crunchy, post world, post man, post post, too much, untailored, uncentered painting ride.
The Wild Adventures of a Philly Artist
Painterjayne, a Philadelphia fine artist, journals her life as a angry feminist anti-establishment, disrespecter of things authoritarian, bureaucratic and phoney showing her newest artworks here ranging from soft landscapes to erotic portraits. She's classically trained, and been painting since she was a kid. She's involved in lots of wild stuff but is really a quiet, sweet l
Philadelphia Artist Ralph Suny
The works of Philadelphia Artist Ralph Suny,watch Mr.Suny expand his talents beyond gymnasium floors and into a deepening and personal world of fine art, with each painting a new field of reality and imagination is born.Also features portraits and animals of all sort.

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Off Circuit Art

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