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Pets Ring - This ring is devoted to our animal companions, kept in our homes. If you keep a cat, a dog, a bird, a horse, a rat, a fi

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Pets Ring

 Subrings: paw-Amphibians   paw-Reptiles   paw-Birds   paw-Mammals   paw-Fish   paw-Crustaceans   paw-Insects   paw-Arachnids   paw-Artists & Photographers   paw-Supplies   paw-Dogs   paw-Cats  
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Manager: noriko
This ring is devoted to our animal companions, kept in our homes.
If you keep a cat, a dog, a bird, a horse, a rat, a fish, a lizard, a spider, or any other land or sea animal as a pet, then this ring is for you!



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Unique Canaries
All about Canaries and More! Pictures, Links and Info.
Ant Farm
Ant farms and other ant items for sale. Watch ants build amazing 3-D tunnels in super cool nutrient rich gel; all food and moisture is self-contained, no food or water needed
Sugar Glider Life and Times
A fun and informative site about sugar gliders includes pictures, feeding advice, stories, a sound file and a sense of humor.
Fantasy Corral
Raising gentle, bottle-raised wallaby, reindeer, camels, zebras. Also chinchilla rabbits, miniature horses and watusi cattle.
clarity conchological
A site dedicated to keeping Giant African Land Snails and other Land Snails as pets, including information on breeding, housing, care, biology, links, etc.

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    Pets Ring
    Pets Ring
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