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Retro Rocket - Untitled document Find here websites that promote, display or live "kustom kulture" lifestyles, pop culture,

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Retro Rocket

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Manager: genessa
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Find here websites that promote, display or live "kustom kulture" lifestyles, pop culture, retro, rockabilly, psychobilly, honkey tonk, and from among those, car clubs, vintage clothing, pinups and other retroana.  Pictured:  A chart of the rocket stages of Saturn 1 (S-1), which are:  1.  TV Camera;  2.  movie Camera;  3.  hydrogen chill-down duct;  4.  cable tunnel;  5.  4 turbine exhaust ducts;  6.  4 stub fins;  7.  8 H-1 engines;  8.  4 fins;  9.  heat shield;  10.  firewall;  11.  anti-slosh baffles 1-105" diameter LOX tank;  12.  anti-slosh baffles 8-70" diameter tanks;  13.  instrument compartment (typical F-1 & F-2);  14.  4 retro-rockets.  Yes it's a real rocket!  But it's RETRO!


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Salute to Swing & Rockabilly
Swing dancing, music and style including learn-to-lindy hop videos, classic big band, rockabilly and neoswing CDs and some very cool retro & vintage clothing links.
Rebel Ranch Vintage
genessa -- lady g's shameless monkees page!
A shameless page devoted to the Monkees, including the story of how Lady G became enamored, and lots of stuff for sale.
LookieLookie's Retro webshop
Retro lcd & led watches, vintage lighters & calculators, sixties & seventies homedesign & much more
The 50th Anniversary of the 57 Chevy
According to rumour, Chevy is coming out with a remake of the 57 Chevy in 2007, the 50th Anniversary of the release of the 57 Chevy.

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Retro Rocket

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