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Join the Teacup-Chihuahua-Dog-Ring ~Skip the Hassle ~Yes there are a few real tiny but mighty teacups out there. Our-chihuahuas-bloodlines have had their share of them. Tiny Chihuahuas are NOT RUNTS! Beautiful, sturdy, but teeny, chiwawa-dogs, We love these tiny chiwawa dogs as special chi people because they are special people-chis! A Ring for all teacup.. pure love of the tiniest chis...


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The Blue Chihuahua Pages- 3 lbs, Amazingly Different
Information about Blue Chihuahuas, photos and breeding info, health concerns....The blue-chihuahua is a beautiful color of Chihuahua.Photos of blue-long haired chihuahuas, long coat tri colored blue-chihuahuas and short-coat blue-chihuahuas and related colors of chihuahuas. discussion of anika-blue genetics.
Meet Alissa and the Family Tooooo
Alissa is a Teacup Chihuahua from the Anika's Chihuahuas stock and has a beautiful page to visit. Recently Alissa's full page photo was in the book: Chihuahua Handbook by c.coile edition 2010
Teacup Chihuahua Webring
Your Chihuahua Page can join the ring if your Chihuahua is under 4 pounds(adult weight) and you have a Chihuahua website page. Pet Chihuahua owners, Chihuahua breeders, and Chihuahua lovers or anyone owned by a "Teacup Size" dog may join. We welcome other breeds of small Teacup dogs. No nonsense, nice,and light and fun Chihuahua_Webring, all Chihuahua friends welcome... photos welcome.
Retired AKC breeder of beautiful Chihuahuas-Bloodlines-Anika-s shares photos and thoughts on the breed.Showing Chihuahuas since 1988, world-wide recognition by Chihuahua Literature,Many Chihuahua-photos and Chihuahua links.Teacup-Chihuahua Myth or Fact? Discussion. Links to other cool Chihuahua Websites and Chihuahua Dog Breeders.
Teacup Chihuahua Homepage
Teacup Chihuahuas in Florida, as a leader in the tiniest of Chihuahua friends for show and pet we have a page to celebrate our lovely Teacup Chihuahuas. Enjoy....our many Chihuahua-dog related sites!

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